The Midstates Mule & Donkey Society, Inc. is an organization of multi-state members, dedicated to the enjoyment, education and promotion of donkeys and mules through shows and other family oriented activities.


John Hood Indiana State Fair

Champion Coon Jumping Mule


The Midstates Mule & Donkey Society, Inc. spreads throughout the United States, while it is prominently know in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, and Michigan. Our organization strives to promote and preserve the mule and donkey breeds. As a group we are involved in the local Horse Fairs. Competing at local and state wide mule and donkey shows. Midstates sponsors their own mule and donkey shows.

Midstates Mule & Donkey Society strives to improve the breeding genetics of the mule and donkey by selection. We want to communication with other interested owners. Promoting the animals in any way that enjoy to, such as driving, showing, breeding, or just as a pet. Showing that our club educates the public about mules and donkeys. 

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